"Wildsam Field Guides: Los Angeles" by Wildsam


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Title: Wildsam Field Guides: Los Angeles
Author: Wildsam
Editor: Taylor Bruce
Start Date: 7/17/17
End Date: 7/23/17
# of Pages: 144
Edition: Wildsam Field Guides 1st edition paperback (2017)
ISBN: 9781495155390
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Quick Take: useful

Why I Chose It: Before visiting LA, I figured I'd read up on some new ideas of things to do / places to visits while I was there. Wildsam Field Guides are right up my aesthetic alley and I was excited to finally read one.

Quotes: (1) "In-N-Out Burger off-menu order, 'The Flying Dutchman', a grilled cheese with beef patties subbing for bread. Extra tip: add fries to the middle." (2) "The Perfect Game [Vin Scully's call of Sandy Koufax's 1965 'perfect game']: ...A lot of people in the ballpark now are starting to see the pitches with their hearts...I would think that the mound at Dodger Stadium right now is the loneliest place in the world...On the scoreboard in right field it is 9:46 p.m. in the City of the Angels, Los Angeles, California. And a crowd of 29,139 just sitting in to see the only pitcher in history to hurl four no-hit, no-run games. He has done it four straight years, and now he caps it: On his fourth no-hitter he made it a perfect game. And Sandy Koufax, whose name will always remind you of strikeouts, did it with a flurry. He struck out the last six consecutive batters. So when he wrote his name in capital letters in the record books, that 'K' stands out even more than the O-U-F-A-X." (3) "There is something uneasy in the Los Angeles air this afternoon, some unnatural stillness, some tension.  What it means is that tonight a Santa Ana will begin to blow, a hot wind from the northeast whining down through the Cajon and San Gorgonio Passes, blowing up sand storms out along Route 66, drying the hills and the nerves to flash point.  For a few days now we will see smoke back in the canyons, and hear sirens in the night.  I have neither heard nor read that a Santa Ana is due, but I know it, and almost everyone I have seen today knows it too.  We know it because we feel it.  The baby frets.  The maid sulks.  I rekindle a waning argument with the telephone company, then cut my losses and lie down, given over to whatever it is in the air." (4) "If you live here long enough, you know [the traffic is] just the way it is. You just turn up the music and keep on going." (5) "Los Angeles is sometimes referred to as '19 suburbs in search of a metropolis' or ' 72 suburbs in search of a city,' depending on which ad-riddled online compendium of famous quotes you're referencing."

Other Notes: This is a reference guide full of suggestions, ideas, practical advice, relevant stories, quotes, and anecdotes. I found it useful and practical and interesting.

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