"Who Is Jesus?" by Greg Gilbert

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Title: Who Is Jesus?
Author: Greg Gilbert
Start Date: 7/9/16
End Date: 7/16/16
# of Pages: 144
Edition: Crossway hardcover (2015)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “More than anything else, Satan’s sin was pride. For all his otherworldly splendor and beauty, he wasn’t content to be what God had created him to be. He wanted more…He wanted to dethrone God. Is it any wonder, then, that when Satan decided to attack human beings, to tempt them to rebel against God and make their own way, he did it by promising them that if they would just throw off his authority, they too could be like God?” (2) “…if you want to understand the Bible, one important principle to remember is that it is never random.” 

Why I Chose It: I like Greg’s writing - his book “What Is The Gospel” was a concise and clear read, and this fits nicely alongside it.

Other Notes: One interesting subject the book mentions - Jesus came and lived on earth as fully God and fully human, simultaneously, paradoxically, and in fact is still, and will forever be fully God and fully human. The author argues that his humanity was not “a coat” he put on and took off. This is not something I had considered before and I’d like to think and read about it more.

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