"Voices From The Past: Volume 2" by Richard Rushing


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Title: Voices From The Past: Volume 2
Author: Various
Editor: Richard Rushing
Start Date: 1/1/18
End Date: 12/31/18
# of Pages: 432
Edition: Banner of Truth hardcover (2016)
ISBN: 9781848717275
Purchase: Amazon

Quick Take: centering

Why I Chose It: Last year I read through volume 1 to my immense encouragement and comfort, I expected volume 2 to continue on that path (which it did)!

Quotes: (1) “…[God] is more willing our prayers should be heard than we ourselves!” (2) “Mercy more overflows in God than sin in us.” (3) “When our wills are sacrificed in the flames of holy prayer, we many times receive choicer things than we asked for expressly. It was a good saying: ‘God many times grants not what we desire in present prayer, that He may bestow what we would rather have.’” (4) “If a thought has the reasonable mark of sin, do not even give it the honour of examination. If leprosy appears on one’s forehead, thrust it out! Quench it instantly as you would a spark in a heap of straw.” (5) “We take God’s name in vain when we speak irreverently of his name, or use it in idle discourse. He is not to be spoken of but with a holy awe upon our hearts. To bring His name in at every turn when we are not thinking of Him, or to say ‘O God!’ - is to take His name in vain.” (6) “By this means we recover more by Christ than we lost by Adam. It is far more glorious than that which we lost by the first Adam.” (7) “We sin worse than others when we sin the very sins others have been punished for before our very eyes.” (8) “The love of the world and the love of the Father are perfectly opposite and inconsistent with each other. Love in this sense belongs to God alone…What you love determines what you are.” (9) “Nothing can recompense for the neglect of salvation, yet salvation can recompense for our neglecting all other things.” (10) “Faith is first persuaded that things are good, and then the heart opens itself to let those things in.” (11) “Surely [God] does you no wrong to make you pray, and that long, for a mercy which you do not deserve when it comes at last. Is He not wiser to know how to time mercies? Will you have God overthrow the course of providence, which He thinks fit, to gratify your impatient spirit?” (12) “If your faith has not grown, those temptations which fit you then, will still fit you now!”

Other Notes: These books generate way too many quotes (since they are essentially already a “greatest hits” of writings in this genre), so I included a few, but hardly all, of the things that I marked down. I could easily read these volumes every year.

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