"Unashamed" by Lecrae Moore

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Title: Unashamed
Author: Lecrae Moore
Start Date: 5/10/16
End Date: 5/10/16
# of Pages: 256
Edition: B&H Books hardcover (2016)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “…I received…a reminder that part of being human - and especially being Christian - means not fitting in, and the only solution is learning to look to God for ultimate recognition…if you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.” (2) “Talking about wounds is important…Because scars are evidence that wounds can heal. That wounds don’t last forever. That healing is possible.” (3) “You’ll actually experience more temptation, not less, after you become a Christian. Following Jesus doesn’t mean you’ll start living perfectly overnight. It certainly doesn’t mean that your problems will disappear. Rather than ridding you of problems or temptations, following Jesus just means that you have a place - no, a person - to run to when they come. And the power to overcome them.”

Why I Chose It: I didn’t know the full background of Lecrae’s story, but I have enjoyed his music and respected his drive to create excellent music and his deliberate mission to be a Christian in a culture that makes no place for Christians. Plus, I saw Devin promoting it on Instagram last week.

Other Notes: Reading Lecrae’s story reminds me how different my experience of life has been from so many. I’m glad to read this testimony of God’s grace in his life, and my respect for him has grown with my knowledge.

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