"Total Commitment: A Memoir of God and Politics" by Harry Lee Poe

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Title: Total Commitment: A Memoir of God and Politics When South Carolina Elected a Republican Governor
Author: Harry Lee Poe
Start Date: 2/14/16
End Date: 2/26/16
File Size: 1984 KB
Edition: Amazon Kindle (2016)

Favorite Quotes: (1) β€œFor all the talk about Pug, however, none of his convictions ever seemed to come out. His political philosophy lay carefully hidden. He ran a campaign of froth, but it was the kind of froth that appealed to people.” (2) β€œI looked high and low for people to tell β€˜I told you so’ after the primary. Unfortunately, I had learned the problem with saying 'I told you so' lies in finding someone who admits to remembering that you said so in the first place.β€œ

Why I Chose It: The university courses I sat in taught by Dr. Poe will always be numbered among my favorites. I assumed his memoirs would retain the brilliant eccentricity of his professorial personality, and my assumption held. The twinkle in his eye, so prominent in his teaching, flows through his writing as well.

Other Notes: While there are some poignant, relevant political observations here (many resonate strongly with me!), the value in this recounting is found in the description of a rich and quirky community, the sort which I hope to belong to in my life. One more thing - I was taken aback to read this paragraph early on in the book: "when I was sixteen in August 1967, I took the train the train by myself to Washington to spend the fall as a page in the U. S. Senate for Strom Thurmond. I lived in an old boarding house with a dozen or so other pages at the corner of Fifth and A streets NE, across the street from the Capitol Hill Metropolitan Baptist Church.” In 2013 I lived at the Bull Moose, an old Bed & Breakfast converted to intern housing, which, being across the street from (now) Capitol Hill Baptist Church on Fifth and A NE, MUST be the same building! How incredibly small the world is! 

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