"The Wisdom of the Enneagram" by Don Richard Ruso & Russ Hudson


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Title: The Wisdom of the Enneagram
Author: Don Richard Ruso & Russ Hudson
Start Date: 9/7/18
End Date: 10/28/18
# of Pages: 386
Edition: Bantam paperback (1999)
ISBN: 9780553378207
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Quick Take: zeitgeistingly textbook

Source: Wil Sloan

Why I Chose It: The Enneagram is everywhere right now. I am so very opposed to personality tests, as I am certain that we can manipulate them to say what we want to hear instead of letting them analyze and assess us. What we really need is community and deep relationships in which we can know others and be known. But, I do think it is possible that a concept like the Enneagram can play a helpful role, so I chose this larger volume to start to study the concept.

Quotes: (1) "...it is always more problematic to use the Enneagram to type others than it is to use it on ourselves...Justifying questionable behavior or adopting a more rigid identity are misuses of the Enneagram." (2) "Remember, the Enneagram does not put us in a box, it shows us the box we are already in - and then the way out." (3) "If we are interested in transformation, no element is more important than developing a love of truth."

Other Notes: Best guess, I am a 3. But I also see a lot of 1 traits, and I recognize a lot of 8 in my past. I admit, there are some truly beneficial and insightful prompts for self-reflection and self-assessment, and coupled with a willingness to recognize your own patterns of behavior and a community in which you can help others and be helped, I think the Enneagram is pretty decent.

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