FAMILY | The Soks


I don't know anyone of any age more full of life than Virginia Sok. I need to grill Justin and Rachel on their parenting techniques because they've clearly taught Virginia what it means to be joyful! Shooting for Christmas Card material was a blast with these guys. We drove over to Theodore Roosevelt Island for the shoot just in time to catch the last leaves of Autumn, and the last of the sunlight that day. The forecast had it unusually warm, but it didn't account for the wind (the bridge shots were really chilly)!

No offense Justin and Rachel, Virginia is the show-stealer here. When we walked to the plaza where there is a giant statue of Teddy, I asked her to imitate his hands up posture, and she got it right away (and thought it was a hilarious thing to do). I absolutely love how she interacts with both of her parents (the bench shots with her laughing and looking up are probably my favorites).

Also, thank you to my friend Cassidy for joining us and taking some great candids!

Photography, PeopleKarl Magnuson