"The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan


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Title: The Pilgrim's Progress
Author: John Bunyan
Start Date: 3/9/18
End Date: 8/4/18
# of Pages: 384
Edition: Barbour Publishing, Inc paperback (1998)
ISBN: 9780916441241
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Quick Take: timeless

Source: Mark Dever

Why I Chose It: Mark offered this up at an evening service and I'd never read the unabridged story.

Quotes: (1) "I must venture; to go back, is nothing but death; to go forward, is Fear of death, and Life everlasting beyond it: I will yet go forward." (2) "...oftentimes he chid himself for being so foolish as to fall asleep in that place which was erected only for a little refreshment from his weariness." (3) "And I thought again, this Shame tells me what men are; but it tells me nothing what God or the Word of God is." (4) "Christiana: 'But if he parts with his Righteousness to us, what will he have for himself?" Great-heart: 'He has more Righteousness than you have Need of, or than he needeth himself."

Other Notes: This is a must read, because it is a good way to understand allegory, because it is a significant piece of literature from a historical perspective, and most of all, because it is so incredibly prescient despite how old it is.

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