"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck

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Title: The Pearl
Author: John Steinbeck
Start Date: 5/4/16
End Date: 5/6/16
# of Pages: 96
Edition: Penguin Books paperback (1992)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “An accident could happen to these oysters, a grain of sand could lie in the folds of muscle and irritate the flesh until in self protection the flesh coated the grain with a layer of smooth cement. But once started, the flesh continued to coat the foreign body until it fell free in some tidal flurry or until the oyster was destroyed. For centuries men had dived down and torn the oysters from the beds and ripped them open, looking for the coated grains of sand…” (2) “And this Kino knew also - that the gods do not love men’s plans, and the gods do not love success unless it comes by accident.” (3) “He had lost one world and had not gained another.”

Why I Chose It: I’ve enjoyed every Steinbeck book I’ve picked up. I’m slowly working my way through his works, and, frankly, Chernow’s “Washington: A Life” has taken me a long time to read so I needed a short book to buy time!

Other Notes: A simple, folk tale based story which managed to quickly evoke sadness and foreboding in service of warning of the effects of the “song of evil” that is present in even the best of circumstances. It fits in with my appreciation for Steinbeck’s other writings.

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