"The National Parks: An Illustrated History" by Kim Heacox

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Title: The National Parks: An Illustrated History
Author: Kim Heacox
Start Date: 7/31/16
End Date: 8/6/16
# of Pages: 384
Edition: National Geographic hardcover (2015)

Favorite Quotes: (1) "'Take only photographs, leave only footprints' became the credo of low-impact recreation in the National Parks." (2) "Time condenses here. Processes normally measured in thousands of years can happen in decades." (3) "When does access become excess? Who are the National Parks for and in what numbers?" (4) "National Parks don't require us to reinvent ourselves. They simply give us a window in a mirror in which to see ourselves - who we are, once were, and who we will be."

Why I Chose It: More National Parks research. This time with color photos.

Other Notes: See last week's post. This book is beautiful and informative.

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