"The Magician’s Nephew" by C.S. Lewis

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Title: The Magician’s Nephew
Author: C.S. Lewis
Start Date: 8/8/16
End Date: 8/12/16
# of Pages: 202
Edition: HarperCollins hardcover (2007)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “‘And if we’re dead - which I don’t deny it might be - well, you got to remember that worse things ‘appen at sea and a chap’s got to die sometime.’” (2) “‘Glory be!’ said the Cabby. ‘I’d ha’ been a better man all my life if I’d known there were things like this’” (3) “‘Now that you are no longer dumb and witless, you need not always be grave. For jokes as well as justice come in with speech.’” (4) “For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.” (5) “‘You see, friends, he said, that before the new, clean world I gave you is seven hours old, a force of evil has already entered it; waked and brought hither by this son of Adam…Evil will come of that evil, but it is still a long way off, and I will see to it that the worst falls upon myself.’”

Why I Chose It: The Chronicles of Narnia are a lifelong favorite of mine ever since my dad introduced them to me as a kid. They deserve regular rereading and each time I do reread them, I see new facets of Lewis’s brilliance and see hidden deeper meanings behind the children’s story. I needed some shorter books to accompany a busy season of life, and Narnia is always a pleasure to read!

Other Notes: Lewis has such an amazing conversational and frank style when writing for kids - it respects their ability to understand while not lowering the bar of deep concepts and rich language. And rereading familiar stories with more life experience only enhances these masterpieces.

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