"The Intellectual Devotional" by David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim


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Title: The Intellectual Devotional
Author: David S. Kidder & Noah D. Oppenheim
Start Date: 1/1/18
End Date: 12/31/18
# of Pages: 376
Edition: Rodale Books hardcover (2006)
ISBN: 9781435137646
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Quick Take: briefly informative

Source: Katherine Magnuson

Why I Chose It: This book was a birthday gift a while back - Christians are pretty well acquainted with the concept of a "devotional" and many people hold the practice of daily prayer or meditation or quiet / reflection in the mornings, often using something as a guide or reference. In addition to reading the Bible in the mornings this year I decided to try adding little snippets of other knowledge using this book.

Quotes: n/a

Other Notes: In general I think this is a cool concept. I did learn quite a bit! I appreciate that each day of the week maintained a specifc area of information (science, history, visual arts, etc.)

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