"The Explicit Gospel" by Matt Chandler

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Title: The Explicit Gospel
Author: Matt Chandler
Start Date: 2/19/16
End Date: 2/20/16
Length: 7:20:35
Edition: christianaudio unabridged audiobook (2012)

Favorite Quote: “This avoidance of the difficult things of Scripture — of sinfulness and hell and God’s notable severity — is idolatrous and cowardly. If a man or a woman who teaches the Scriptures is afraid to explain to you the severity of God, they have betrayed you, and they love their ego more than they love you.”

Why I Chose It: Going from reading ~20 books in a year to 52+ books is not an easy task. I’m finding the task is straining the outer limits of my discipline and time management. Especially when I decide to do spur of the moment things like drive 11 hours roundtrip to see @hannahbeth255 in Greensboro, NC this weekend. To stay on course I delved into my queue of audiobooks…perhaps that is cheating but sometimes you have to do whatever works!

Other Notes: I find audiobooks to be somewhat tedious. I love reading actual physical books with pen in hand. And Kindle books have the advantage of being able to sort through all of your underlines / notes. I approach other spoken word content (like podcasts) in a much more passive way. I lose the benefits of all three of those with audiobooks, especially the ability to mark things for later review. Someone let me know if there is an easy way to do this! As far as this particular book goes, it is a clear systematic walk through of the Gospel message, which never goes amiss (although I did feel some of the later chapters were slightly too tangential).

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