"The End of Dieting" by Joel Fuhrman


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Title: The End of Dieting
Author: Joel Fuhrman
Start Date: 2/19/18
End Date: 3/1/18
# of Pages: 368
Edition: HarperOne 1st edition hardcover (2014)
ISBN: 9780062249326
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Quick Take: motivating

Source: Katherine Magnuson

Why I Chose It: My mom (and yes, you too, Becky), recommended this. Not a diet book per se - more of a look at how and why it is important to focus on nutrition when thinking about food.

Quotes: (1) "Health = Nutrients / Calories...this core concept [is] the nutrient density of your diet." (2) "Like the classic victim, we actually grow to love the things that kill us - in this case, unhealthy food." (3) "Health is the first consideration; weight is secondary. Focusing on health and a better quality of life is the only consistent way to maintain a favorable weight." (4) "When it comes to toxic foods, there's no such thing as eating in moderation." (5) "Every time you eat with another person - every dinner meeting, every party - is an opportunity to have a positive, encouraging influence on someone else."

Other Notes: I'm not into diets or fads and never have been. But it is stupid to not want to actively try to be and eat healthy. This book made a lot of sense to me. Focus on nutrition. Find good food you like and eat as much as you want! Some common sense principles...now to fight off the temptation of sugar...

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