"The Divine Hours (Volume One): Prayers for Summertime" by Phyllis Tickle

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Title: The Divine Hours (Volume One): Prayers for Summertime
Author: Phyllis Tickle
Start Date: 6/1/16
End Date: 8/31/16
# of Pages: 672
Edition: Image reprint paperback (2006)

Favorite Quotes: “May the Lord Almighty grant me and those I love a peaceful night and a perfect end. Amen.”

Why I Chose It: This is the first of three (but the second in my reading list) books outlining daily prayers and praises, psalms and readings, devotions and meditations. Again, thanks to Wil Sloan for the introduction.

Other Notes: These books have been fully integrated into my daily routine. While the idea is that you read the Morning, Midday, and Vespers sections every hour or half hour during the respective times, and the Compline reading before going to bed, I usually aim for 3 or so readings a day. It helps start, maintain, and end my days, and I’ve found the books to be extremely encouraging!

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