"The Confessions of Saint Augustine" by Saint Augustine


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Title: The Confessions of Saint Augustine
Author: Saint Augustine
Translator: F. J. Sheed
Start Date: 1/24/17
End Date: 6/29/17
# of Pages: 208
Edition: Sheed & Ward hardcover (1942)
ISBN: n/a
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Quick Take: timeless

Source: Nick Roark

Why I Chose It: Everyone should read The Confessions of Saint Augustine, or so I'd been told. Now that I have read it, I agree.

Quotes: (1) "For thou hast made us for Thyself and our hearts are restless till the rest in Thee." (2) "How is it that the man wants to be made sad by the sight of tragic sufferings that he could not bear in his own person? Yet the spectator does not want to feel sorrow, and it is actually his feeling of sorrow that he enjoys. Surely this is the most wretched lunacy." (3) "But today I have more pity for the sinner getting enjoyment from his sin then when he suffers torment from the loss of pleasure which is ultimately destructive, and the loss of happiness which is only misery." (4) "...a society of men is just, only if it obeys You." (5) "Time takes no holiday." (6) "Rest is not where you seek it. Seek what you seek, but it is not where you seek it. You seek happiness of life in the land of death, and it is not there. For how shall there be happiness of life weather is no life?" (7) "All unknowing I was brought by God to him, that knowing I should be brought by him to God." (8) "I shall set my foot upon that step on which my parents placed me as a child, until I clearly find truth." (9) "How lovely I suddenly found it to be free from the loveliness of those vanities, so that now it was a joy to renounce what I had been so afraid to lose." (10) "If only men would know themselves to be but men, so that he that glories would glory in the Lord!" (11) "For to hear from You about themselves is simply to know themselves." (12) "Simply because truth is loved in such a way that those who love some other thing want it to be the truth, and, precisely because they do not wish to be deceived, are unwilling to be convinced that they are deceived."

Other Notes: The reputation is deserved - over and over I found myself amazed that Augustine's reflections and confessions could relate so directly to modern turmoil, struggles, and circumstances. This is truly an incredible, encouraging book.

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