"The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas" by Dylan Thomas

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Title: The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas
Author: Dylan Thomas
Start Date: 2/3/16
End Date: 4/15/16
# of Pages: 240
Edition: New Directions original paperback (2010)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “Within the hallowed gland, blood blessed the heart, / And the four winds, that had long blown as one, / Shone in my ears the light of sound, / Called in my eyes the sound of light.” (2) “Hands grumble on the door, / Ships anchor off the bay, / Rain beats the sand and slates. / Shall I let in the stranger, / Shall I welcome the sailor, / Or stay till the day I die? / Hands of the stranger and holds of the ships, / Hold you poison or grapes? ” (3) “I have been taught to reason by the heart, / But heart, like head, leads helplessly; / I have been told to reason by the pulse, / And, when it quickens, alter the actions’ pace / … / The ball I threw while playing in the park / Has not yet reached the ground.” (4) “Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, / And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, / Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Why I Chose It: It seems there is some discrepancy between accounts as to whether Bob Dylan took Dylan Thomas’s name for himself, but what is obvious is that Thomas has had a huge impact, including on those who would go on to impact others. As an example, the Steve Jobs biography I read this year talked about Thomas’s influence on Jobs. I haven’t had much exposure to Thomas outside of “Do not go gentle into that good night” quoted in the movie Interstellar.

Other Notes: I have to be honest and say that Thomas’s poetry did not connect with me very much. I am willing to admit a deficiency on my part as an explanation, and send out an open request for anyone to explain some of what I read so I can appreciate it more! There were a handful of exceptions, including, of course, the beautiful “Do not go gentle into that good night”.

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