"Something To Tell You" by Haim

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*language warning between songs

Album: Something To Tell You
Artist: Haim
Release Date: July 7, 2017
My Format: Apple Music

It is October and I'm already starting to look back on the best albums I've listened to this year. More and more music is breaking into three categories for me: (1) singles which I love but overplay, by artists who don't have good albums, (2) albums which are incredibly good but only really fit certain activities or settings, such as writing, studying, driving, working, etc., and, (3) albums like Something To Tell You.

When Haim released Days Are Gone in 2013, the retro-ish California rock sound captured my attention immediately and thoroughly. Fall 2013 sounds like Haim when I think back...then they made friends with Taylor Swift and became, if not super famous, well known and respected. Something To Tell You represents the absolute best case scenario for a follow up album (contrast with Lorde - her first album also released around then, and she also subsequently joined Taylor Swift's squad, but her second album took on a little too much of current trends at the expense of the unique space she occupied with the first). With STTY, Haim stay true to their original sound, improving it, and infusing a bit more California sun into it.

Their music videos are dorky, but they embrace it and make it cool. Danielle Haim (middle of the three sisters) embodies the California cool from a different era...I can't get enough of the dance moves on "Want You Back" or her drums in the "Valentine" music video. I think the best track on the album is the title track...those drums on the pre-chorus are killer. Also worth a listen: the haunting "Night So Long" (please more of these harmonies!) and the key change at 1:58 in "Ready For You".

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