"Seven Brief Lessons on Physics" by Carlo Rovelli

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Title: Seven Brief Lessons on Physics
Author: Carlo Rovelli
Start Date: 6/24/16
End Date: 6/25/16
# of Pages: 96
Edition: Riverhead Books First Edition hardcover (2016)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “There are absolute masterpieces that move us intensely: Mozart’s “Requiem, Homer’s “Odyssey”, the Sistine Chapel, “King Lear”. To fully appreciate their brilliance may require a long apprenticeship, but the reward is sheer beauty - and not only this, but the opening of our eyes to a new perspective upon the world. Einstein’s jewel, the general theory of relativity, is a masterpiece of this order.” (2) “…there is a detectible difference between the past and the future only when there is the flow of heat. Heat is linked to probability; and probability in turn is linked to the fact that our interactions with the rest of the world do not register the fine details of reality. The flow of time emerges thus from physics, but not in the context of an exact description of things as they are. It emerges, rather, in the context of statistics and of thermodynamics. They may hold the key to the enigma of time…”

Why I Chose It: Nick Roark mentioned it in a recent episode of ConcentricityFM.

Other Notes: Short and interesting - a very quick thought provoking read.

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