"Road to Zion" by Sea of Content


Album: Road to Zion
Artist: Sea of Content
Release Date: March 13, 2017
My Format: Bandcamp MP3

Flying Colours (styled Flyco) is comprised of (at least) Jay and Rob Griffith, and Taylor Hare, a group of guys who swept into Union University like an electrical storm while I was a student there. I had the privilege of hearing them at countless open mics and concerts on campus, and I am always excited to hear / see what they're up to. Jay and Taylor just released a side project called "Road to Zion" under the name Sea of Content.

On this EP I hear some of my favorite musical influences, which I feel comfortable saying because I initially bonded with the guys when we met over some shared music interests. There is early Coldplay in there, a distinct "Carrie and Lowell" Sufjan Stevens appreciation, maybe a bit of S. Carey here and there, and maybe a little Sigur Rós. Maybe some Ben Gibbard-ness too. And that bass line on "G2C" at 3:00 had me jumping up and down (metaphorically).

What is so cool to me about this project is that they released the instrumental tracks alongside the full songs. The music is complex without being busy. The collection is short but sharp. They are drowning in talent and "Road to Zion" makes that clear. This is excellent stuff. Considering buying the EP on Bandcamp to support them!

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