"Red Earth & Pouring Rain" by Bear's Den


Album: Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Artist: Bear's Den
Release Date: July 22, 2016
My Format: Apple Music

"A sense of contrary motion" is how Kevin Jones of Bear's Den describes the vibe of their latest album. "A good metaphor for the mood is the idea of driving forwards while looking in the rear view mirror," which is supported by the album's artwork. The music is pulsing and driving in parts, but overall it reaches backwards, bringing the past into the present effectively.

"Red Earth and Pouring Rain" catches strains of recent releases by The War On Drugs and The Paper Kites, working the 80s synth rock/pop effectively (I certainly haven't gotten tired of this rediscovery yet). I agree with some comments I've seen that reference Snow Patrol, Springsteen, and Big Country. It is mellow and brooding, but in the best way possible. I've mostly listened to this album as a backdrop, and not many of the songs are recognizable as stand alones or singles, but that's doesn't have a negative impact. Spin this on a night drive and enjoy the vibes. 

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