"Prisoners of Geography" by Tim Marshall


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Title: Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World
Author: Tim Marshall
Start Date: 8/12/18
End Date: 8/21/18
# of Pages: 304
Edition: Scribner 1st edition hardcover (2015)
ISBN: 9781501121463
Purchase: Amazon

Quick Take: fascinating

Why I Chose It: I was in Metskers Map shop in Seattle, WA (thanks for the tip Andrew!!) and couldn't believe how many maps and books about maps and other things about maps they had! This book stood out as something that looked particularly interesting to me, so I bought it despite having *no* room in my backpack for the trip home.

Quotes: (1) "Russia, like all great powers, is thinking in terms of the next one hundred years and understands that in that time anything could happen." (2) "Geography had determined that if a political entity could get to and then control the land 'from sea to shining sea,' it would be a great power, the greatest history has known."

Other Notes: A history book masquerading as a book about geography, this was an excellent read, and an easy-to-follow primer on world history. I found the Russian, Indian, and Arctic sections especially fascinating.

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