Podcast Highlights, September 2017

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You can check out some podcast recommendations on Concentricity FM to see some shows worth subscribing to, but to supplement that, here are some notable episodes I've listened to in September 2017.

ALSO - September / October mark the launch of a new podcast I am producing called United? We Pray - take a listen!

Planet Money

Episode 524 - Mr Jones' Act  |  09.27.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Planet Money is excellent and concise. I've been listening to pretty much every episode. On this one: The government suspended the Jones Act last week, to allow non-US ships to move fuel to victims of hurricanes in Houston and Florida. Which once again made us wonder why the act even exists.

Episode 647 - Hard Work Is Irrelevant  |  09.13.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
For those interested in Netflix and / or the modern economy: Patty McCord helped create a workplace at Netflix that runs more like a professional sports team than a family. If you’re not up to scratch, you’re off the team. Is this the future of work?

Episode 653 - The Anti-Store  |  08.16.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
For those who love Costco: Costco made shopping harder, and customers loved it. Now a new company is taking the Costco experience to new extremes.

United? We Pray

United? We Pray (Teaser)  |  09.27.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
A bit of self promotion as I am producing this one. But Isaac and Trillia are wonderful and I want to make sure you subscribe to this one!


Biosphere 2: Building A New World  |  09.06.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
From BBC, Witness is another great, short podcast. On this episode: An ambitious ecological experiment was launched in Arizona in September 1991. It aimed to see if human beings could produce everything they needed to survive - in a man-made environment. Rachael Gillman has been speaking to Linda Leigh, one of the eight scientists who spent two years sealed inside the giant greenhouse known as ‘Biosphere 2’.


Rod Dreher  |  09.05.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Rod Dreher is a columnist for The American Conservative and the author of several books, most recently The Benedict Option. On this episode of Cultivated, we talk about the precarious place Christians hold in contemporary American society, about the Benedict Option – a strategy for navigating that society, and about the crucial importance of beauty and goodness for the Church’s witness. It’s a conversation that ranges from A Confederacy of Dunces to Dante to Terrence Malick.


Faith: Seeing is Believing  |  09.10.15  |  Website  |  Overcast
Con Campbell is a New Testament scholar, professor, author, musician, presenter, and speaker. He is Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and is currently working through an annual guest preaching series in 1 Peter. I have been really encouraged by his sermons!

Futility Closet

Episode 169 - John Harrison and the Problem of Longitude  |  09.11.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Greg and Sharon always do an incredible job with Futility Closet. You just can't go wrong! The phrasebook section is hilarious.

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