Podcast Highlights, March 2017

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You can check out some podcast recommendations on Concentricity FM to see some shows worth subscribing to, but to supplement that, here are some notable episodes I've listened to in March 2017.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Episode 58 - Kings of Kings III  |  8.7.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
The closing episode of Dan Carlin's deep dive into the stories of the Medes and Persians is just as long as the first two (as well as most of his history shows), clocking in over 5 hours. But if you like ancient empires and warfare, or if you just want to hear a narrative take on history, it might be worth a try.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church Sermons

The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness  |  3.12.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Mark Dever is preaching through Matthew right now, and this is an exposition on Matthew 3:1-4:11. It is long, but it is good. Best to listen with Matthew open in front of you to follow along!

Top Four

Episode 5 - Podcasts  |  10.15.15  |  Website  |  Overcast
Podcasts about podcasts are an odd self-indulgence. But what I like about Marco and Tiff is that they like the same podcast formats I do, and in fact, they utilize one of the formats themselves, well. It is great to "sit in" and listen to friends talk - something they recognize and laud about Hello Internet which I've previously recommended. Plus, I like lists and rankings.

Planet Money

Episode 759 - What's It Worth To You?  |  03.17.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
If you care about the Oxford Comma debate, specifically if you believe (as I do) the Oxford Comma is obviously necessary, you'll enjoy hearing a real world application about why the stuff you learned in English class matters.

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Doesn’t Sleep—But Don’t Blame the Coffee  |  09.27.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
Alec Baldwin might be at his best as a podcast host (I'd prefer to listen to his interviews over his Trump impression any day). I enjoyed hearing Howard Schultz recall the history of Starbucks. And for good measure, he gives In-N-Out a shout out!

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