Podcast Highlights, June 2017


You can check out some podcast recommendations on Concentricity FM to see some shows worth subscribing to, but to supplement that, here are some notable episodes I've listened to in June 2017.

99% Invisible

Episode 199 - The Yin and Yang of Basketball  |  02.09.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
In 1891, a physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts invented the game we would come to know as basketball. In setting the height of the baskets, he inadvertently created a design problem that would not be resolved for decades to come.

Episode 262 - In the Same Ballpark  |  06.13.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Baseball stadium / ballpark design is more interesting than you may assume at first. Absolutely LOVED this episode.

Episode 264 - Mexico 68  |  06.27.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
The third of a trio of sports-related episodes of 99% Invisible I listened to this month. I love the Olympics, and this episode included graphic design theory, the development of mass transit, political unrest, and of course, Olympic history.

Revisionist History

A Good Walk Spoiled  |  06.15.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
I don't share Malcolm Gladwell's hatred of golf, but I like the way he tells stories.

How I Built This

Five Guys: Jerry Murrell  |  06.05.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
HIBT is maybe my favorite podcast out there right now. Murrell's story is candid and inspiring, but mostly it will make you wish you were eating a Five Guys' burger.

Cowboy Crossroads

Episode 1 - Waddie Mitchell (Part 1)  |  12.28.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
The American cowboy subculture has always captivated my imagination. While Andy Hedges has a very niche podcast on his hands here, it is drenched with a honest nostalgia. And the opening poem is worth the price of admission.

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