Podcast Highlights, December 2017

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You can check out some podcast recommendations on Concentricity FM to see some shows worth subscribing to, but to supplement that, here are some notable episodes I've listened to in December 2017.

ALSO - September / October mark the launch of a new podcast I am producing called United? We Pray - take a listen!

Hello Internet

Star Wars The Last Jedi Christmas Special  |  12.25.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
I listened to a lot of Star Wars related podcasts after seeing The Last Jedi and wanting to get every possible take (hot or otherwise). Grey and Brady have pretty good thoughts for half-committed Star Wars fans.


Episode 84 - A Very High Bar  |  11.21.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
"He was willing to play the white-man’s game - he just wished they had told him the rules first." Can't turn away an incredible, Olympics-related story!

Episode 86 - Francisco’s Flakes  |  12.05.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
"A tale of award-winning flakes and delayed gratification." I love how Mike tells these stories!

Episode 88 - The Missiles of December  |  12.19.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
"It was never good news when the red phone rang – and on this December night it was ringing off the hook." A nice Christmas-y episode.

The Incomparable

Episode 384 - An Old Sock Full of Diamonds  |  12.16.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
This is the first episode of Jason Snell's podcast I've listened to, but many of the guests are familiar from the Relay FM podcasts...like I said, I've been into Star Wars hot takes lately!

Welcome To Macintosh

Episode 7 - The Shimmy |  11.12.15  |  Website  |  Overcast
This was a delightful anecdote about Steve Jobs and a small insight into that era of Apple. Really enjoyable.


The Exploding Whale  |  11.13.17  |  Website |  Overcast
Too incredible to be fake. I've heard of this before, but hearing the full story (in a brief format) was very rewarding. Blowing up a whale with dynamite. Incredible.

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