Podcast Highlights, April 2017

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You can check out some podcast recommendations on Concentricity FM to see some shows worth subscribing to, but to supplement that, here are some notable episodes I've listened to in April 2017.


Episode 64 - The Quiz Show  |  05.26.16  |  Website  |  Overcast
CGP Grey and Brady's banter is always enjoyable. If you want a jumping in place for listening to HI, this might be a good spot since you can play along with the quiz, and get a sense of their podcast style (and personalities).


Episode I   |  03.28.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
This is one of the "hot" podcasts right now. From the people behind This American Life and Serial, it is a very engaging, very sad, very well-told story. There is some rougher content in this show, and certainly the story is sobering, but it is strong in terms of storytelling.


Pica and Eating Dirt  |  04.14.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
I occasionally listen to this medical conversation show, and it is occasionally interesting. What caught my attention about this episode was how many times I've heard about Pica (the impulse to eat non-nutritious, potentially dangerous items, like dirt) this month. Odd topics oddly seem to surface in packs...

Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson

Lights…Camera…Disruption  |  03.14.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
Walter Isaacson has written some great biographies and much of his style transfers to podcast form. This episode looks at the history of film and television, and the impact of things like Netflix. 


Episode 49 - Dream Job  |  04.04.17  |  Website  |  Overcast
By describing these episodes I spoil them a bit - but see if you can guess as the episode plays who the "famous" person reference is!

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