"Only The Lonely" by Colony House


Album: Only The Lonely
Artist: Colony House
Release Date: January 13, 2017
My Format: Apple Music

I've been looking forward to this album for a long time. The debut release from Colony House, "When I Was Younger", is perhaps my most played album of the past 5 years. It holds up, in a major way. In fact, it is so good, when I first heard "You Know It", the initial single from their sophomore effort, "Only The Lonely", I was worried the album would slump.

However, I came to realize that my familiarity with WIWY had biased me, and it didn't take long until "You Know It" and "You & I" had acclimated me for the new album, which moves in a good direction from WIWY's foundation. It effectively indulges in a little more "retro-ness" (the music videos for the first two singles support this). My first full album listen left me feeling The Beach Boys x Tears For Fears...with echoes of U2 here and there.

Standout for me include the bold and honest confrontations heard in "Lonely", the raucousness of "You & I", and the perspective of "This Beautiful Life". I love that they followed up "2:20" from WIWY with "3:20" here as a distortion-heavy rock anthem - I imagine they'll deliver the latter as well as the former at live shows.

My high hopes and expectations for this album seem to have been met, and each listen increases my confidence in that assessment. 

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