"On the Incarnation" by Saint Athanasius

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Title: On the Incarnation
Author: Saint Athanasius
Start Date: 12/4/16
End Date: 12/19/16
# of Pages: 110
Edition: St Vladimirs Seminary Press paperback (2012)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “As we give an account of this, it is first necessary to speak about the creation of the universe and its maker, God, so that one may thus worthily reflect that its recreation was accomplished by the Word who created it in the beginning. For it will appear not at all contradictory if the Father works its salvation in the same one by whom he created it.” (2) “But such was not the case for the Word of God in the human being; for he was not bound to the body, but rather was himself wielding it…” (3) “So something wonderful and marvelous happened: that ignominious death which they thought to inflict, this was the trophy of his victory over death…”

Why I Chose It: The inimitable Nick Roark recommended this to me, especially for C.S. Lewis’ preface (in this edition).

Other Notes: Lewis’ preface (which I did not quote, because if I tried I’d end up quoting the whole thing…) is worth the price of admission. And I enjoyed thinking on the concepts of the incarnation during this season of Advent.

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