North Cascades National Park | Summer 2018

After a 38 hour train ride and a quick visit to an extended-family-reunion I sped off to the mountains of North Washington, and my thirty first of sixty National Parks: North Cascades. Some practical geography notes - it takes about two hours to drive from Seattle to the western slopes and the park entrance right past Marblemount. Don’t cross the bridge when you see it, turn left and stay on Highway 20. Unless you want to go off-roading and backcountry camping. Not that I made that mistake. Of course not. Especially not in a low clearance rental car. Anyway, just stay on 20. Actually, “stay on 20” is one of my best pieces of advice in general - it is a beautiful drive that quickly climbed to my top 5 drives in the US, primarily because of the towering mountains that rise at every turn. These are MOUNTAINS, rising steeply everywhere you look, and the road give several places to turn off and admire them.

The Park itself is fairly narrow in width along 20, but there are a lot of backcountry options (I hope to return and take advantage of them soon), and some beautiful, classic campgrounds. My friends Emily and Caroline scouted ahead and found a perfect site with access to the Skagit River. Following the highway out of the east side of the Park we headed down into the area around Leavenworth to hang with my friends Maggie and Will at Maggie’s family’s cabin. This is an area rich in hiking, and thankfully a lot of the area is still open to drone videography! Check out my video recap of the whole trip at the bottom of this post!

North Cascades National Park became the 33rd National Park on October 2, 1968, and is located in Northern Washington.

Pictures by Karl Magnuson and Emily Bryant
Canon 6D Mark II & DJI Mavic Air
Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L