"Lost Stars" by Claudia Gray


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Title: Lost Stars
Author: Claudia Gray
Start Date: 11/21/17
End Date: 11/24/17
# of Pages: 576
Edition: Disney Lucasfilm Press paperback (2017)
ISBN: 9781368013789
Purchase: Amazon

Quick Take: fantastic

Why I Chose It: As I've mentioned before, I am trying to work through all of the Star Wars canon material. This story in particular has been extremely positively reviewed.

Other Notes: While technically considered a "Young Adult" novel, I feel confident in saying that any fan of Star Wars will really enjoy this book (maybe not too young of a fan since there are some frank topics covered here and there). Without giving too much away, the story tells the same large arc of Episodes IV through VII, but from the perspective of a young boy and girl who grow up in the Empire and end up being skilled and proficient Imperial Officers. Events like the testing and destruction of the Death Star are fascinatingly reconstructed both from the average Imperial's point of view and from the point of view of those struggling to consolidate the training they've received with the reality they observe. It is also a love story, but a much more compelling one than previous Star Wars attempts (**cough cough Anakin and Padme cough**). And the cameos by famous Star Wars figures help it feel familiar even though it is largely a remake of the original stories.

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