"Life Debt: Aftermath" by Chuck Wendig


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Title: Life Debt: Aftermath
Author: Chuck Wendig
Start Date: 8/3/17
End Date: 8/9/17
# of Pages: 448
Edition: Del Rey Kindle edition (2016)
ISBN: 9781101966938
Purchase: Amazon

Quick Take: okay

Why I Chose It: Continuing to read some of the Star Wars canon material.

Quote: "Norra fails to suppress a tremor of her own. 'I…are you saying we’re in the wrong? With all due respect, Commodore Agate, I can’t believe that.' Agate turns. Her smile is sad. 'No. We are doing just work. Those on board the Scythe knew who they were and why they were there. And they were not ignorant of the cost of war. I just want my people not to be ignorant of it, either.' 'You want us to regret what we’ve done?' To her surprise, Agate nods. 'I do. A little. We should. I don’t want unrepentant killers, Lieutenant Wexley. I want soldiers who hate what they had to do and fear having to ever do it again.' 'And if that means we lose the war?' 'Then we lose the war by keeping ourselves.'"

Other Notes: This book was far better than the first in the Aftermath trilogy. Also, much better in Kindle format for light reading on the Metro / walk home from work.

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