SCENES | Hamilton Puerto Rico | Winter 2019

Lin-Manuel Miranda has brought into the world a perpetual motion machine named Hamilton, and wonder, joy, awe, and life continue to radiate from it. I will never forget the week I spent in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and forever etched in my mind is the experience as Lin walked out on stage confidently answering “what’s your name, man”: Alexander Hamilton. I’ve never felt more energy in a room as the audience simultaneously, instinctively, explosively erupted to [our] collective feet for nearly a full-minute-expression of pure elation and excitement.

But perhaps even more sweet was the week spent with some of the cast, enjoying the beauty and vibrancy of Old San Juan, taking in the ocean and the sun, and sharing the buzz of excitement that permeates and surrounds the #AndPeggy company…how lucky we are to be alive right now!

This was a passion project. Vince, thank you for the chance to collaborate on a recap video (coming soon!), we managed a lot in a short time over a long distance! Sabrina & Julia, in large part I dedicate this to you - you are Angelica and Eliza, *definitively*, and working with you, whether in DC or PR is a creative jumpstart, I love you both! Anna, you’ve been right alongside me with all of this fun, thank you for making me a better photographer, and thank you for your friendship. Rob, you’re the one who initiated all of this for me, I owe you a lifetime of Burrito Meal dinners. Teale thank you for the dm slide, we have so much exciting work to do! Julius, it was so fun to first explore old San Juan with you, I am so excited to see Jay.Ham in SF, and thank you again for touring us around! Simon, you’re a fighter in your prime, a legend in the making. The mid-air shots are some of my very favorite of this set. Donald & Rebecca…what to say to you. #Webburr captivates and your tribute to the cast had me on the verge of tears. Give me at least 8 hours heads up and I’ll fly out to see #Elizecca. Ari, the alumna of the week, what a privilege to meet up with you all over the country, I am so stoked for your exciting year to come! And Darilyn, Peggy, this is your tour after all, and you owned it! I can’t wait to work together again! Thank you thank you thank you for making time in a crazy week to hang out and shoot! To the whole company - you’re amazing, and I can’t wait to work together soon! PS - Puerto Rico is incredible, please, everyone, visit if you can!


All pictures by Karl Magnuson
Canon EOS R
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L, Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L II, Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III