"Great Demo!" by Peter E. Cohan


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Title: Great Demo!
Author: Peter E. Cohan
Start Date: 4/27/18
End Date: 5/11/18
# of Pages: 308
Edition: iUniverse, Inc 2nd edition paperback (2005)
ISBN: 9780595345595
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Quick Take: fairly useful

Source: Mike Balut

Why I Chose It: I started a new job recently and software demonstration and instruction plays a significant role. No better way to get a head start than reading a book!

Quotes: (1) "The Delta is the difference between the way the customer does something today and the way it could be done using your Solution. This is a terrific way to understand and present value." (2) "Mrs. Sausly, my 11th grade English teacher, told us, 'Tell 'em what you are going to say, say it, and them tell 'em what you just told 'em'" (3) "Everybody loves meetings that finish early. They are surprised and pleased. It's a terrific way to differentiate yourself from the competition." (4) "As always, it is important to summarize. In fact, the longer and more complex the question, resulting discussion and answer, the more important it is to recall the question and crisply review the answer." (5) "If you have the opportunity, ask questions. Asking questions and uncovering even basic qualification information may give you enough data to substantially increase your odds of success."

Other Notes: Not my normal fare, but it was helpful as I'm moving into a new kind of work!

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