"Gospel and Kingdom" by Graeme Goldsworthy

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Title: Gospel and Kingdom
Author: Graeme Goldsworthy
Start Date: 1/1/16
End Date: 1/11/16
# of Pages: 152
Edition: Paternoster paperback (2012)

Favorite Quote: “The New Testament establishes for us that the Old Testament involves promise and hope of a goal which is fulfilled in Christ…Because the New Testament declares the Old Testament to be incomplete without Christ we must understand the Old Testament in the light of its goal which is Christ. Jesus is indispensable to a true understanding of the Old Testament as well as the New.” 

Why I Chose It: My friend Dan Nobles suggested we read through / study a book together, and this was the book we landed on. By the way, have you ever intentionally studied a book with someone like that? It is a great experience, less “book club” trope and more opportunity to get to know others, how they think, and how they understand things differently than you. 

Other Notes: My takeaway is simple - I was reminded by this short book how the Old Testament serves as an important companion and in some ways prelude to the New Testament. The OT recounts the promises made, while the NT the promises kept.

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