"Golden Son" by Pierce Brown

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Title: Golden Son 
Author: Pierce Brown
Start Date: 2/20/17
End Date: 2/24/17
# of Pages: 464
Edition: Del Rey 1st edition hardcover (2015)
ISBN: 9780345539816
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Quick Take: sequentially bleaker

Why I Chose It: The first book in the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown was engaging despite the bleak, dark, hopeless tone of the story. My compete-ist tendencies outweighed my reservations of the first book to push me to read the rest of the series.

Quotes: (none)

Other Notes: The Red Rising trilogy could be described as "Hunger Games" on a galactic scale. The first book carries the most direct comparisons to the devices used by Suzanne Collins, but the Golden Son certainly continues in the same spirit. It is a little more dark and mature than its spiritual cousin trilogy, which means I don't think it is necessarily good for everyone, especially kids. But Brown does know how to pen an engaging plot, and the main character has some interesting dimensions to him which kept me reading. It certainly carries a foreboding hopelessness, and the ending participates in the frustrating practice of pushing hopelessness to the breaking point. The effective futurization of naval warfare and the anachronistic Greek allusions serve the story well, despite the inherent risks involved in being indulgent with these aspects of sci-fi.

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