"Futility Closet 2: A Second Trove of Intriguing Tidbits" by Greg Ross

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Title: Futility Closet 2: A Second Trove of Intriguing Tidbits
Author: Greg Ross
Start Date: 5/29/16
End Date: 6/10/16
# of Pages: 240
Edition: Futility Closet paperback (2014)

Favorite Quotes: (1) “COUNTDOWN: There are exactly 10! seconds in six weeks.” (2) “HIGH PLACES: An admirer once asked Winston Churchill, ‘Doesn’t it thrill you to know that every time you make a speech the hall is packed to overflowing?’ Churchill replied, ‘It is quite flattering, but whenever I feel this way I always remember that if instead of making a political speech I was being hanged, the crowd would be twice as big.’” (3) “BUSINESS TRIP: As a joke, Michael Collins submitted a travel voucher for his trip aboard Gemini 10. NASA reimbursed him $8 per day, a total of $24. In his autobiography, Collins notes that he could instead have claimed 7 cents a mile, which would have yielded $80,000. But one of the original Mercury astronauts had already tried this - and had received a bill for ‘a couple of million dollars’ for the rocket he’d used.”

Why I Chose It: As I talked about in episode 10 of Concentricity FM, Futility Closet is one of my favorite websites and podcasts. This book is a “best of” collection.

Other Notes: Each “tidbit” is a short segment meaning this is a great book to fill short intermissions in your day. Several stories even made me laugh out loud!

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