TRAVEL | Empire Builder | Summer 2018

After a quick weekend trip to Chicago with family and friends (Twins @ Wrigley! Hamilton!) I rushed off to Minneapolis to join (and surprise!) my grandma, aunt, and uncle on a 38 hour train ride on the Amtrak Empire Builder. Destinations included Minot, ND, Glacier National Park, and finally, Seattle, WA. We drove up to an Eliason family reunion, and then I broke away to meet friends to explore North Cascades National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, and the Seattle area. Also - Karith helped me spot some Bald Eagles on the 4th of July. Because America.

The train wasn't as glamorous as one would hope, and it still costs a lot of time and money, but there is something soothing and peaceful about watching the beautiful, wide open American North speed by while you sit and think or read (or watch the World Cup). It is a retreat of sorts. The chance to spend time with family meet a lot of distant extended family was worth the trip. The National Parks made it doubly worth it.

On my way to all 60 National Parks, North Cascades is number 31 and Mount Rainier is number 32. Also, you should follow my friends Emily and Caroline, both are working as traveling ER nurses and both are always on adventures!

All pictures by Karl Magnuson
Canon 6D Mark II
Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8L