"Calico Joe" by John Grisham

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Title: Calico Joe
Author: John Grisham
Start Date: 3/28/16
End Date: 3/31/16
# of Pages: 208
Edition: Doubleday hardcover (2012) 

Favorite Quote: “We were on the patio, in the shade, drinking milk shakes. He had a banana shake, one he made himself, precisely six hours before he took the mound, one of his little quirks. All baseball players, especially pitchers, have them, he once told me, so I started looking for a quirk.“ 

Why I Chose It: The 2016 MLB season starts this week, so I wanted to read a baseball book - and I’ve enjoyed the handful of John Grisham novels I’ve read. 

Other Notes: As the quote I pulled indicates, the book is steeped in baseball-isms, which made it enjoyable. It also has a lot of tension between unreal players and real people. The concept of the story didn’t hold up equally well through the whole book, but I appreciated the exploration of reconciliation it centered on. A nice, quick read that baseball fans will probably enjoy.

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