"Blindfaller" by Mandolin Orange


Album: Blindfaller
Artist: Mandolin Orange
Release Date: September 30, 2016
My Format: Apple Music

True Americana / Folk / Bluegrass are genres I love but have a relatively small knowledge of and experience with. But you can hear the magic in quality Americana / Folk / Bluegrass as soon as a clear female vocal pierces through accompanied by a Mandolin or Banjo. So begins Blindfaller. Make no mistake, the only silly thing about Mandolin Orange is the subtle pun in their name. The music is seriously good (and sometimes serious).

"Wildfire" is what it is all about for me. My friend Wil introduced me to this song (and by extension Mandolin Orange) and I was interested immediately, hooked after a few spins. Watch / listen to the live version I shared to the left here and tell me I'm wrong. Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz, the vocalists and multi-instrumentalists behind the band shine in both the singing and playing of this Civil War reflection. It is a song that unpacks more each time you play it.

I read a comment somewhere that Andrew "was born with an old voice", and I think that observation is both accurate, and a great compliment. His vocals, along with the tight harmonies from Frantz, successfully deliver anything they attempt. I'd write more, but I need to go watch the live version of "Wildfire" again. Listen and see for yourself.

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