"Aftermath: Empire's End" by Chuck Wendig


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Title: Aftermath: Empire's End 
Author: Chuck Wendig
Start Date: 9/20/17
End Date: 10/1/17
# of Pages: 512
Edition: Del Rey Reprint paperback (2017)
ISBN: 9781101966983
Purchase: Amazon

Quick Take: so so

Why I Chose It: Final book in the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy.

Quote: "How many died? How many died on that ship? Or underneath it as it fell? That, coupled with the feeling of victory in her heart, the one that tells her the New Republic may just have finished the war. It is a crass dichotomy, that feeling; she's felt it before and she'll feel it again. The triumphant heart warring the the grief born of war."

Other Notes: Remember how Rey and Finn fly through Star Destroyer wreckage in The Force Awakenings? Now I know how that got there.

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