"Aftermath" by Chuck Wendig

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Title: Aftermath
Author: Chuck Wendig
Start Date: 2/27/16
End Date: 3/12/16
# of Pages: 400
Edition: Del Rey original hardcover (2015)

Favorite Quote: (none)

Why I Chose It: When I was younger I read a decent number of Star Wars books that explored the worlds and characters outside of the movies (like Han and Leia’s kids etc.)…but recently the decision was made to start over to allow for new original movies after “Return of the Jedi”. This means all of the old stories of the “Expanded Universe” are considered “legends”, kind of like an alternate reality, which is a little lame considering the huge pool of material it makes obsolete (including some genuinely interesting stories). On the plus side, now it is a lot easier to cover all of the “canon” material, which is what I decided to attempt!

Other Notes: This is meager sci-fi fare at best, the only real value being the continuity with the other Star Wars stories. No recommendation from me (unless you need something to read at the beach or something).

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