"22, A Million" by Bon Iver


Album: 22, A Million
Artist: Bon Iver
Release Date: September 30, 2016
My Format: Apple Music

Perhaps unfairly, I relegate Bon Iver to the background - music in coffeeshops, soundtracks for rainy days, etc. He is a pioneer in a certain type of sound, a distant, mournfulness which paradoxically is a joy to listen to.

"22, A Million" stands apart from his previous albums - rougher and distorted, still Justin Vernon, but passed through a disrupting filter. I've had most success listening to it straight through as an album, as the songs often lack recognizable structure. The titles carry strange symbols (and often uncertain meanings, religious or otherwise). I haven't read all the lyrics, what I can make out is sometimes hard to understand. Of course, since Vernon makes up his own words where existing language fails to convey the concepts he creates (for example, "astuary"), this shouldn't be too surprising.

My favorite song on the album is "8 (circle)", and I'm in good company in that opinion. Overall I've enjoyed listening to this album, despite its roughness.

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